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List of Stories

"Supernatural" Stories

Finding Home (PG-13/R for language; gen with brief Sam/Jess mentions; chaptered)
AU, covering Stanford and parts of seasons 1 & 2.  Sam has left hunting, but not everything is willing to stop hunting him.  The demon's plans have been set in motion.  What will it take for him to find his way back?  A plotty study of the Winchesters and their relationship.

Body and Mind (PG-13; gen; one-shot)
A few days after "Born Under a Bad Sign," the boys deal with a consequence of the possession.

One Day When I'm Big (PG; gen; one-shot)
"No, screw that.  We settle this the old-fashioned way."  Light-hearted Wee!chester one-shot inspired by "Heart."

Singular and Plural
(PG-13; gen; one-shot)
Coda for "Mystery Spot." Dean thinks at first that it's a good thing Sam has changed, because it means he'll be able to keep going when Dean's dead. And then he starts to have some doubts. One-shot.

Prodigal (PG-13; gen; one-shot)
He isn't normal, of course, but he's wrong about why.  One day he'll know it.

There'll Be Peace When You Are Done (PG-13; gen; one-shot)
Sometimes, John wishes he could just close his eyes and sleep.

Something To Believe In (PG; gen; one-shot)
Pre-series.  1992: Left with Pastor Jim during Dean's first hunt, Sam begins to ask questions and think about what he believes in.

Losing and Leaving (PG-13 for language; gen; one-shot) (Part 2/2 here)
Pre-series.  Dean thought a few times that he'd lose his brother because of a mistake.  When it actually happened, it was Sam's own choice.  A sequence of pre-series firsts for the brothers.

Frater, Pater (PG; gen; one-shot)
Dean was having a hard time getting over the fact that their dad was eight years old. Wee!chester auction fic, written for Dolimir.

"Stargate: SG-1" Stories

Translations (PG-13; gen; Daniel/SG-1 friendship; chaptered)
AU. Claire and Melburn Jackson stayed on Abydos after the first mission in 1982. Fifteen years later, Jack O’Neill leads a team to bring them back to Earth and returns instead with their newly orphaned, fourteen-year-old son, Daniel. Explicit spoilers up to early season 2.

Diplomacy (PG-13; gen; Daniel/SG-1 friendship; chaptered)
AU. Sequel to "Translations." Daniel must learn to find his place in the SGC and on Earth, but starting with an unexpectedly eventful return to Abydos, things become more complicated than anyone could have anticipated. Explicit spoilers up to late season 3.

Brotherhood (PG-13; gen; Daniel/SG-1 friendship; chaptered)
AU. Sequel to "Translations" and "Diplomacy." After over a year of training, Daniel is restless and looking for a team to join so he can finally help search for his family. SG-1 needs a fourth member. Daniel and SG-1 get along. Somehow, though, things aren't quite that simple. Explicit spoilers up to early season 4.

Archaeology (PG-13; gen; Daniel/SG-1 friendship; chaptered)
AU. Sequel to "Brotherhood." In its fourth year, Daniel and SG-1 seek urgently to strengthen ties with allies and find the resources they need in the escalating war with the Goa'uld, balancing between right and wrong, truth and lie, and life and death. Explicit spoilers up to mid-season 5. Warning: secondary character death.

Journeys (PG-13; gen; chaptered)
AU. Sequel to "Archaeology." The assassination attempt at the Goa'uld summit fails, and the Tok'ra base at Revanna is attacked. Someone has to use the symbiote poison on Zipacna's army for SG-1 to escape. Daniel volunteers. Explicit spoilers up to season 8. Warning: major character death(s).
R is for Rebels and Regrets (PG; gen; Jacob Carter Alphabet Soup entry)

Scientists, Slaves, and Soldiers (PG; gen; Jonas Quinn)
Snapshots from seasons 6-10.

Models of the Heart (PG; gen; Sam Carter)
The SGC scientists learn, over time, how to model Goa'uld circulation. Sam considers a few things in the meantime. Spoilers for seasons 1-8.

Z is for Zat (PG; gen; Jonas Quinn Alphabet Soup entry)
"This is a zat," O'Neill said. "You carry this off-world. Don't screw up." Spoilers for season 6.

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