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Archaeology: Final Notes

Final Notes:

We made it! Thank you for sticking with me. Aside from being the longest book by length, this one was more ambitious than the previous ones in terms of the topics I tried to cover--much of this book was really about weaknesses as much as it was about strengths. I'm very grateful for the reviews, comments, encouragement, and discussion throughout.

As for what's coming up...

While I like to think each novel in the series has enough of a resolution that it can potentially serve an ending of sorts, this is the one I think of as 'The End'--at least, the end of books in this format, relatively straightforward and covering an entire season.

(I do have some missing scenes from this book saved on my computer, which were cut because the story shifted, or because they were fun but not very important tangents. If people are interested, I can put those together and post them, too)

That being said, there is another story in the works. I think it'll end up a long short-story or short novel--it sort of starts in media res, in the middle of an episode in the middle of the season, and spans an odd amount of time (mid- to late season 5 until season 7). If you've guessed the topic of that story, you may be unsurprised that I'm a little nervous about its execution and probably won't finish and start posting that too soon. However, it's something I really want to finish at some point, especially since I've been setting up some of its twists as far back as book 2.

Also, when I have writer's block (or am avoiding homework), I've started writing bits of a mini!Daniel AU of "Affinity," because, if you couldn't tell, I have a soft spot for Daniel-Teal'c tales, and because alien-on-Earth stories are fun. At some point, though, I do want to write something set in the canon 'verse with the real Dr. Daniel Jackson and team, so I'm planning to stop playing in this AU 'verse after that.

Once again, thanks so much for reading through this entire project. I hope you've enjoyed the ride, because I certainly have.